Seniors Must Die

Dear President Trump. Oh, what tangled webs we weave. On Monday you said the economy will be reactivated as soon as the administration plans to ease social distancing initiatives.
So, Monday night, Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick told us, grandparents needed to die to save the American economy for… our grandchildren.
Let me get this straight. You want me to die to save a greedy, bloated, profit driven economy for my grandchildren. What hubris. What stupidity. What insane greed. Yes, I would sacrifice myself for my grandchildren. But to go belly up to make the Cows of Bashan richer in the midst of a pandemic???
Sounds like a Nazi propaganda ploy. Or maybe or maybe something out of Putin’s Russia.
Comrade Trump, you must die to make rich Americans richer. That way your grandchildren can survive to serve their wealthy masters.
This Republican trope sounds positively Orwellian. Or maybe from Kafka. Probably more the style of Kurt Vonnegut.
It’s definitely not Christian. Kill the old people so that grandchildren can go back to work for us? Jesus never said that.
What Jesus did say was, Love God, Love your neighbor, Love yourself, Love your enemy.
News flash Mr. President. We senior citizens are your neighbors.
Jesus Loves you. Jesus love me. Jesus loves our children and grandchildren.
Jesus doesn’t love an economy based and greed and wishing people dead.
God forgive us. 032320.

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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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