Apocalypse for Some

Dear President Trump.  The Italians have coalesced around a national saying to confront the coronavirus.  ““Distanto ma Uniti”   “Distant, but United”.

In America, you preach, “Together, no longer United.”

We “United States” of America have become your dysfunctional playground.

Republican vs. Democrat vs. Independent vs. Who Cares.

Fox News vs. Fake News vs. Good News

Your clarion call through your followers is, “Better Dead than old and poor”

To save Big Business, you crave personal control of Trillions of dollars in relief.

The rich hide in their second homes, trembling at the prospect of becoming ‘middle class’ let alone, God forbid, ‘poor.’

The poor simply take their horrible poverty with suffering, tears and prayers to a God who, we’re being told, only speaks to the rich and powerful.

How Apocalyptic!

You reserve Billions for the frightened ‘Cows of Bashan.’  You leave scraps under the rich man’s/woman’s table for Lazurus, his partner and family.

May God bless you Mr. President.  May she fill you with contrition.  May God pour out love and compassion for all people under your care. 032820


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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