Leadership, or the Lack Thereof

Dear President Trump. If you are unwilling to take responsibility for a national coronavirus response, pleading it’s a state’s rights issue, you are no longer acting as a national leader.
You are protecting the interests of those people and businesses you consider ‘national’. The states are on their own.
Imagine Moses at the Red Sea. Drowning threatens the tribes of Israel in front of them. Slaughter and enslavement by the Egyptians behind them.
Moses consults, not God, but his trusted, pandering, wealthy advisors hanging on around him.
Moses declares that handling the drowning/slaughter dilemma needs to be settled tribe by tribe. Of course, every tribe for itself.
Thanks Donald/Moses. You have killed us.
Jesus, confronted with the cross to save humanity, instead heeds the advice of disciples and Romans to “save himself.”
No resurrection. No Easter. No Salvation, No hope.
Thankyou Mr. President, for your courage, and sacrifice and leadership.
We will, with God’s guidance and help, save ourselves. 040520.

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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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