I Believe in Miracles

Dear President Trump. A day late and a dollar short my grandfather used to say. My grandmother would retort: Better late than never.

Thank you for finally listening to the experts. No, that does not make you an expert.

You are still the lying, greedy, racist, sexist bully you’ve always been. But you know how to read the signs of the times.

Of course, being President during the greatest Wall Street crash since the depression is quite an incentive to change your tune.

Blame the Chinese. Blame the Koreans. Blame the Europeans. Blame the Governors. Blame the Democrats. Blame the press. Blame the scientists. Slow the supply of test kits by refusing European kits so that American companies can profit from their exclusive sale rights.

Accept no blame. Accept no responsibility. Recall people from overseas. Then cram them into virus cesspools when they get home. Is that what your “Christian” advisors tell you to do? Is that what Jesus would have done?

Blame others… Take control… even if you don’t know what your doing!!!

May God strengthen you. May God make you smarter. May God make you wiser. May God make you more compassionate towards all human beings.

Be a better leader than you have been.

Miracles do happen. We need miracles.

Be a miracle. 03172


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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