Home Grown Terror

Dear President Trump. Straight out of a cheap pulp fiction novel. “Armed Terrorists close down legislature to force their will on all people.” And it’s happening in several places.
And who’s cheering them on, encouraging terror in America???
You are THE MAN.
I expect this in Russia or from tin pot dictators everywhere. We deplore pictures just like this from corrupt countries world wide.
So besides our sinful, greed fueled wealth, what makes us better than corrupt governments anywhere else in time or space? What makes your lies, insults and threats holier than anyone else’s?
You claim greatness as you traffic in fear, intimidation and terror. You put guns in the hands of terrorists and threaten elected leaders with American goon squads.
Yes people are afraid. Yes people do stupid, violent things when they are afraid. Your inability to lead with compassion and intelligence, your encouragement of armed thugs pretending to be patriots, scares us almost as much as the Covid 19 virus itself. Yes we are afraid. Yes we fear for our families our friends and our livelihoods.
You feed that fear. We work and pray for the best. But we cannot quarantine ourselves from the death that comes from leadership by terror.
Jesus Wept 051520

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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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