Home Grown Terror

Dear President Trump. Straight out of a cheap pulp fiction novel. “Armed Terrorists close down legislature to force their will on all people.” And it’s happening in several places.
And who’s cheering them on, encouraging terror in America???
You are THE MAN.
I expect this in Russia or from tin pot dictators everywhere. We deplore pictures just like this from corrupt countries world wide.
So besides our sinful, greed fueled wealth, what makes us better than corrupt governments anywhere else in time or space? What makes your lies, insults and threats holier than anyone else’s?
You claim greatness as you traffic in fear, intimidation and terror. You put guns in the hands of terrorists and threaten elected leaders with American goon squads.
Yes people are afraid. Yes people do stupid, violent things when they are afraid. Your inability to lead with compassion and intelligence, your encouragement of armed thugs pretending to be patriots, scares us almost as much as the Covid 19 virus itself. Yes we are afraid. Yes we fear for our families our friends and our livelihoods.
You feed that fear. We work and pray for the best. But we cannot quarantine ourselves from the death that comes from leadership by terror.
Jesus Wept 051520

Jokes on Me

Dear President Trump. I made a light hearted comment today about using a welders helmet for coronavirus protection.

Then Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times reported of a doctor desperately using a welding mask over ski goggles for protection.

God forgive me. The horror I could only imagine as a joke has become a macabre reality.

Please Mr. President. Do not join me in playing the fool as our nation drowns from the fluid in their own lungs.

Yes, many will recover. But will you and I be a part of that healing recovery or will you join me in foolish ignorance of the avoidable death and suffering around us?

God help us. 041120

Leadership, or the Lack Thereof

Dear President Trump. If you are unwilling to take responsibility for a national coronavirus response, pleading it’s a state’s rights issue, you are no longer acting as a national leader.
You are protecting the interests of those people and businesses you consider ‘national’. The states are on their own.
Imagine Moses at the Red Sea. Drowning threatens the tribes of Israel in front of them. Slaughter and enslavement by the Egyptians behind them.
Moses consults, not God, but his trusted, pandering, wealthy advisors hanging on around him.
Moses declares that handling the drowning/slaughter dilemma needs to be settled tribe by tribe. Of course, every tribe for itself.
Thanks Donald/Moses. You have killed us.
Jesus, confronted with the cross to save humanity, instead heeds the advice of disciples and Romans to “save himself.”
No resurrection. No Easter. No Salvation, No hope.
Thankyou Mr. President, for your courage, and sacrifice and leadership.
We will, with God’s guidance and help, save ourselves. 040520.

Apocalypse for Some

Dear President Trump.  The Italians have coalesced around a national saying to confront the coronavirus.  ““Distanto ma Uniti”   “Distant, but United”.

In America, you preach, “Together, no longer United.”

We “United States” of America have become your dysfunctional playground.

Republican vs. Democrat vs. Independent vs. Who Cares.

Fox News vs. Fake News vs. Good News

Your clarion call through your followers is, “Better Dead than old and poor”

To save Big Business, you crave personal control of Trillions of dollars in relief.

The rich hide in their second homes, trembling at the prospect of becoming ‘middle class’ let alone, God forbid, ‘poor.’

The poor simply take their horrible poverty with suffering, tears and prayers to a God who, we’re being told, only speaks to the rich and powerful.

How Apocalyptic!

You reserve Billions for the frightened ‘Cows of Bashan.’  You leave scraps under the rich man’s/woman’s table for Lazurus, his partner and family.

May God bless you Mr. President.  May she fill you with contrition.  May God pour out love and compassion for all people under your care. 032820

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Dear President Trump. We have officially entered the Twilight Zone. Who will you come for next?

Now Brit Hume of Fox News echoes the calls for the elderly to die for the American economy. “It is entirely reasonable” that elderly Americans could be fine with dying amid the coronavirus outbreak to save the U.S. economy.

And which economy is that? The economy that continues to deliver food, power and limited health care to us? Or is it the economy that pampers the rich and powerful, feeds their insatiable desires and greed, and is just fine advocating the sacrificial deaths of the poor and elderly and the refugee and uninsured.

You equate your bloated, cruel and greed based economy with the ultimate good of all Americans.

But to achieve this amazing recovery, that’s just around the corner, we must sacrifice the old, the infirm, the vulnerable.

Welcome to the 21st Century version of human sacrifice. This version is sacrifice to the God’s of greed and power.

It begins with voluntary deaths which are being called for now.

Next will come ‘necessary’ deaths for the good of the economy. Of course “we cannot save all.”

Finally, in true Facist tradition, to save the nations wealth and power, we can sequester the “unproductive” Americans to let them die for the economy.

We might even euthanize them to save them from agonizing coronavirus deaths.

We probably won’t use gas chambers.

We’ll just inject ‘comforting’ meds to ease the passing of ‘volunteers’.

God Forgive us for even thinking it. But we are passed that now. Aren’t we. 032620.

Seniors Must Die

Dear President Trump. Oh, what tangled webs we weave. On Monday you said the economy will be reactivated as soon as the administration plans to ease social distancing initiatives.
So, Monday night, Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick told us, grandparents needed to die to save the American economy for… our grandchildren.
Let me get this straight. You want me to die to save a greedy, bloated, profit driven economy for my grandchildren. What hubris. What stupidity. What insane greed. Yes, I would sacrifice myself for my grandchildren. But to go belly up to make the Cows of Bashan richer in the midst of a pandemic???
Sounds like a Nazi propaganda ploy. Or maybe or maybe something out of Putin’s Russia.
Comrade Trump, you must die to make rich Americans richer. That way your grandchildren can survive to serve their wealthy masters.
This Republican trope sounds positively Orwellian. Or maybe from Kafka. Probably more the style of Kurt Vonnegut.
It’s definitely not Christian. Kill the old people so that grandchildren can go back to work for us? Jesus never said that.
What Jesus did say was, Love God, Love your neighbor, Love yourself, Love your enemy.
News flash Mr. President. We senior citizens are your neighbors.
Jesus Loves you. Jesus love me. Jesus loves our children and grandchildren.
Jesus doesn’t love an economy based and greed and wishing people dead.
God forgive us. 032320.

I Believe in Miracles

Dear President Trump. A day late and a dollar short my grandfather used to say. My grandmother would retort: Better late than never.

Thank you for finally listening to the experts. No, that does not make you an expert.

You are still the lying, greedy, racist, sexist bully you’ve always been. But you know how to read the signs of the times.

Of course, being President during the greatest Wall Street crash since the depression is quite an incentive to change your tune.

Blame the Chinese. Blame the Koreans. Blame the Europeans. Blame the Governors. Blame the Democrats. Blame the press. Blame the scientists. Slow the supply of test kits by refusing European kits so that American companies can profit from their exclusive sale rights.

Accept no blame. Accept no responsibility. Recall people from overseas. Then cram them into virus cesspools when they get home. Is that what your “Christian” advisors tell you to do? Is that what Jesus would have done?

Blame others… Take control… even if you don’t know what your doing!!!

May God strengthen you. May God make you smarter. May God make you wiser. May God make you more compassionate towards all human beings.

Be a better leader than you have been.

Miracles do happen. We need miracles.

Be a miracle. 03172

What do I want…

Dear President Trump. I do not wish you ill. I do not want you to be a victim of the coronavirus. I do not want you embarrassed by your incompetence.
I do not wish you laughed at by the 1% who profit from their use of your calculated buffoonery. I do not cheer when you bumble and stumble.
I do not want you punished for your hateful treatment of women, minorities, refugees, political enemies or the poor.
I do not want you cursed for breaking all the commandments. I do not want God to forsake you.
What I do want is for you to be transformed by God’s love. I want you to cherish and care for ALL Americans. I want you to be the champion for refugees at our borders and people of all nations, faiths and races.
I want God to bless you with a fierce desire to love God, love all God’s people, and love yourself. I want you to love yourself as God loves you… not just to feed your appetites.
God bless you. God keep you. God be gracious unto you and give you peace… and strength to do good.
Remember always, God loves you… and I am trying. 031620.

The Ultimate Deplorable

Dear President Trump. My, My, My. In a joke only a loving God could bring off, you are now the ultimate deplorable. First, you deny the seriousness of the Coronavirus. Then you run to the front of the line and claim you are fully in charge of saving all of us from that same virus.

People I love still cannot get tested. Schools that feed the poorest of the poor are closing. Your administration just announced cuts to school lunch programs.

Millions of older Americans rely on Social Security and Medicare to survive. Your solution to their misery is to cut payroll taxes for the year to the tune of almost a Trillion dollars. And what funds Social Security and Medicare… Payroll taxes. You are killing those people by a trillion tiny cuts.

Our poorest children can go without food. But God bless you for saving the multinational corporations that provide us cheap oil and travel to exotic lands too many cannot afford to visit.

Just how stupid and gullible do you think we are? Well, OK. Some of us are that stupid and gullible. We still keep praying that your heart can be ‘strangely warmed’. as we United Methodists say, with God’s generous love and grace.

Truthfully, I am often stupid and gullible. Always, I am praying

Help us, President Trump. Fortunately, you are not our only hope. 031320.

The Old, Old Story

Dear President Trump. I want to congratulate you on the senate vote. But since you lied, cheated, withheld evidence, conspired with or intimidated witnesses, and threatened jurors, I congratulate you on your criminal enterprise.
Next, you only need to keep being yourself, con the faithful, and win the election. You have that smell of invincibility.
Puny Democrats are helpless before your wrathful patriotism, your sexual prowess and your magnificent wealth.
I’m sure Goliath felt the same as you, when David shambled onto the field of battle , with only a sling in hand, backed by a bunch of losers.
I’m sure Haman was confident in destroying Esther and her people because of their faith in a God of justice and compassion.
The Bible you so revere as an American Christian, is full of outnumbered, outgunned, oppressed and despised people.
Warning: being the wrong race, faith, sex or social class does not define your faith, your worth, or the will of God.
Somehow, these women and men of faith, overcame great odds to defeat evil, lying, pretentious bullies. We live by faith and hope and love. 020820.