Dear President Trump.  Welcome to the Cyborg generation.  Elon Musk is close to hardwiring Artificial Intelligence with the human brain.  When do you think the government will regulate who gets an upgrade… and who does not?  Will it be based on IQ? (doubtful because the AI will have more than enough IQ for anyone) Will eligibility be based on race, ethnicity, wealth, political affiliations?

You may try to save your plutocracy by excluding those you fear but once the technology emerges, like cell phones and the internet, it may be uncontrollable.  Oh Sure, the Cows of Bashan of the world will want to keep it for themselves.  They’ll call it dangerous, threatening, revolutionary, or food for terrorism.  Fearful religious leaders will call AI/Brain combined people monsters, abominations, spawns of the devil, half-breeds.

What if we take AI intelligence and DNA CRiSPR technology (or it’s next generation) to unlock the genetic code for skin color?  What if you could change the color of your skin as easily as your party outfit for tonight’s outing.  How then could we claim superiority based on race.

No, No, No, you say.  We’d pass laws preventing AI/Biological people, (CYBORGS), from citizenship or positions of power.  We could institute biological purity laws.

Problem is, AI/Biological mixed people will be smarter than you and I are… maybe smart enough to see through the power games, petty greed and avarice of today’s 1%.  Rather than fight you, they may simply bypass you, building good, just, comfortable, loving lives without you.

And what would Jesus say to all this change, equality and freedom? I think he’d quote Isaiah 11.6.  “The wolf shall lie down with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.”

Perhaps that little child will come out of your ugly shameful border concentration camps.  God does have a sublime sense of humor.  So be it. 071419.


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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