Who’s in Control?

Dear Donald. For 150 potential deaths in Iran, you call off an air strike in retaliation for the destruction of our drone. I am curious Mr. President, 26 people have died in ICE detention since you took office. Between 200 and 300 people have died crossing our southern border each of the last two years. Are the Iranians worth more than the immigrants? Do you fear what the Iranians will do? But because you do not fear the immigrants, they can die?
So, you fear potential Iranian deaths more than real immigrant deaths when the immigrants cannot fight back.? That seems to send a dangerous message. When your enemy is poor and vulnerable you act brave and macho when they die. When your enemy is strong, your bravado dissolves in a tirade of tweets.
You play your power games. You fear the Iranians but not the immigrants. I wonder who else is figuring this out. I fear you will feel trapped by your own fears and do something ugly.
Please, before doing something stupid, remember Rehoboam. (ask your bible friends…) Son of Solomon, his older advisors told him to be generous with the poorer more rural tribes of Israel. But Rehoboam heard instead the voices of the rich young scions of Jerusalem to tax Israel more and more for their personal benefit. He, like you, took a brutal, “Make Jerusalem Great Again” stance. 17 years of war with the northern kingdom set the stage for an Egyptian invasion from the south. Rehoboam was defeated, made a puppet and gave Israel’s treasury to the Egyptians.
Whose puppet will you become? Will your puppet masters be the politicians, the bankers, tech giants, just your major donors?Perhaps your religious handlers or the Russians or Chinese will pull your strings or yank your chains. God knows. Two things I know. I am not in control. Neither are you. God help us. 062519. 


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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