The Happy Warrior

Dear President Trump.  You disparage Baltimore while your son-in-law mismanages properties there.  The biblical ‘Cows of Bashan’ reaped profits from the ‘Baltimore’ districts of Israel in the 8thCentury BCE.  Those who ‘oppress the needy, crush the poor’ profited personally while taking no responsibility for rat and vermin infested districts.


Reward the rich.  Punish, denigrate and blame the poor.  Claim divine authority.  Sounds like a plan.


When Jesus confronted ethnically despised Samaritan woman, he did not tell her to go back to her rat and vermin infested home. He spoke truthfully and compassionately. She responded with joy and faith.


Many of us marvel at your use of hateful, spiteful racist language.  Obviously, you feel it politically necessary, or at least expedient.  You could simply make the same empty promises to non-white Americans and foreign immigrants that you make to your political base. You aren’t just appealing to voters.  You are manipulating us, pitting us against each other for your benefit.


Recent debates have reflected our anger and disgust at your shenanigans.  We declare you political enemy number one and promise to defeat you.  And you love us for our ineffectual anger as you laugh at us.


I heard a phrase in last night’s debate that resonated in my heart and mind… “The Happy Warrior.”  Too many of us have ceded our hopes of happiness to our anger at you.  So, my earnest prayers this week will be, “Help me be a happy warrior!!” May God bless and keep you and change us both.  080119.


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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