Homosexual Death Penalty

Dear President Trump.  I am confused.  It’s a natural state for me.  So, I pray God you can enlighten me.  News came out today that at the U.N. vote banning the death penalty for Homosexuality, we voted against it.  The headlines fairly screamed “U.S. Votes Against United Nations Ban on Death Penalty for Same-Sex Relations.” Later, a U.S. spokesperson said we did oppose the death penalty for homosexuality, but we were in favor of ‘lawful death penalty statutes.’  One source of my confusion is the lack of any promotion of an alternative resolution.  A second source is why, as a Christian, you are not seriously questioning the need for a death penalty in modern America.  If a criminal is my enemy and an enemy of the state, can we not in the name of Jesus find a better way to punish and reform, even love, our criminal enemies.  May God bless your continuing quest for liberty and justice for all.


The blood of innocents

Dear President Trump.  Thank you for your sensitivity and compassion towards the victims of the Nevada shooting.  I pray this tragedy sensitizes you to other tragedies around the world and among our own citizens.  Your press officer refused to speak to questions of gun control following the shooting saying it was not a time for politics.  But, dear political enemy of mine, the blood of innocents cries out for mercy and justice in the face of wholesale slaughter at the hands of a fantastically well armed lone gunman.  I pray you will let us know when our time of mourning transforms into a time for action.  Perhaps we can do better than simply making it easier to buy silencers to protect killers’ ears.  May God keep making you and me better stewards of our respective trusts.   1


Dear President Trump.  My hunch is if your friends or your family were injured and possibly dying, you would move heaven and earth to help them.  Emotions would run high.  Personally, I would be frustrated and quite angry if help were available and was denied or slow in coming.  My prayer for us this evening is for mercy.  Mercy for us as we deal with the people of Puerto Rico.  Patience and understanding, not anger and blame, when those who are suffering lash out in their pain.  Mercy and compassion and action for others when we can help.  May God grant us the love and strength to help others, not condemn them.

Love of enemy

Dear President Trump. As a Christian I am haunted by the command of Jesus to love my enemies. In truth, you are quite possibly the greatest enemy I have. So how do I, an aging United Methodist pastor, love you. Frankly, I don’t know. But in the days and weeks to come, I will try. To begin, I will pray for you every day. I hope you, in turn, will pray for me. I pray you may truly know the love of God in your heart. I pray you are equal to the task of loving and caring for each and every person in this amazing country. May God love and bless you. May God forgive you and me for our ugly thoughts, words and deeds. May God grant you peace and justice. Amen


Dear President Trump.  Isn’t it depressing when people defend you by saying you are clueless.  No, I’m not talking about your decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.  That would qualify… but we’ll talk about it later.  I’m referring to the comment by Britain’s Nigel Farage defending your retweeting fake videos by claiming you, the President, “doesn’t research everything” and “wouldn’t have a clue” who Britain First (the video distributors) were.  Let’s be clear.  These are your friends saying you don’t do your homework and are “clueless.”  With friends like that, you don’t need me trying and usually failing to love you.  You need a better relationship with God who loves you and forgives you.  You need a clue.  You need lots of clues.  I pray God increases your intelligence, your compassion, your commitment to help the most vulnerable in our country, especially the children.  Please, Mr. President, help the young, the sick, the poor and the oppressed, the alien and the stranger.  Yes, keep us safe… but you can do that and care for those in need.  I promise, it won’t make you and other Cows of Bashan any poorer.