The Ultimate Deplorable

Dear President Trump. My, My, My. In a joke only a loving God could bring off, you are now the ultimate deplorable. First, you deny the seriousness of the Coronavirus. Then you run to the front of the line and claim you are fully in charge of saving all of us from that same virus.

People I love still cannot get tested. Schools that feed the poorest of the poor are closing. Your administration just announced cuts to school lunch programs.

Millions of older Americans rely on Social Security and Medicare to survive. Your solution to their misery is to cut payroll taxes for the year to the tune of almost a Trillion dollars. And what funds Social Security and Medicare… Payroll taxes. You are killing those people by a trillion tiny cuts.

Our poorest children can go without food. But God bless you for saving the multinational corporations that provide us cheap oil and travel to exotic lands too many cannot afford to visit.

Just how stupid and gullible do you think we are? Well, OK. Some of us are that stupid and gullible. We still keep praying that your heart can be ‘strangely warmed’. as we United Methodists say, with God’s generous love and grace.

Truthfully, I am often stupid and gullible. Always, I am praying

Help us, President Trump. Fortunately, you are not our only hope. 031320.


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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