The Old, Old Story

Dear President Trump. I want to congratulate you on the senate vote. But since you lied, cheated, withheld evidence, conspired with or intimidated witnesses, and threatened jurors, I congratulate you on your criminal enterprise.
Next, you only need to keep being yourself, con the faithful, and win the election. You have that smell of invincibility.
Puny Democrats are helpless before your wrathful patriotism, your sexual prowess and your magnificent wealth.
I’m sure Goliath felt the same as you, when David shambled onto the field of battle , with only a sling in hand, backed by a bunch of losers.
I’m sure Haman was confident in destroying Esther and her people because of their faith in a God of justice and compassion.
The Bible you so revere as an American Christian, is full of outnumbered, outgunned, oppressed and despised people.
Warning: being the wrong race, faith, sex or social class does not define your faith, your worth, or the will of God.
Somehow, these women and men of faith, overcame great odds to defeat evil, lying, pretentious bullies. We live by faith and hope and love. 020820.

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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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