Do We Want the Truth to Set Us Free???

Dear President Trump. When will we learn??? It’s not about you. We chase our tails in apoplectic rage over your antics, your immorality, your indifference to the truth. We writhe in self righteous agony when your supporters ignore your faults, foibles and failings.

Our ‘holier than thou’ condemnation of your failings as a politician, president and ‘poor excuse for a human being’ scream our own failures to grasp the divine irony… voters already know politicians lie, cheat and steal. It’s human nature… it’s the old adage of the pot calling the kettle black.

We propound both our indignation and our too technical explanations of how we will save the USA from ruin and from you. While you tell folks how much you care for them and you have a plan to make their lives better.

We don’t need to know the plan. We don’t want to know. We are not policy geeks. That’s your job. What we want to know… the reassurance we need… is that as a human politician, you care about us. You have our best interests at heart. You share our values. You wrap yourself in our flag (literally) as a sign that you love us more than any other politician.

It’s political religion. God loves us. God loves you. You love us. Vote for me. If we trust you love us, we will trust you to lead us. You don’t need to be brilliant. You can buy brilliance from any think tank, university or corporation. It’s snake oil sales at its best. And you have shown us… it works.

You may well win the next election. Not because you are as smart, rich, truthful or good looking as you claim to be. But because you have convinced enough voters you are their champion.

American politics/religion will forgive anything from a politician we are convinced loves us promises to meet our needs and fix our problems.

God knows what is truly in your heart. Many of us suspect. But God doesn’t vote. We simply want a political/religious leader who we ‘know’ loves us and cares about us more than any other candidate.

For now, for so many, you seem to be that man. Jesus said the truth will make us free. But too many of us don’t want to be free or know the truth. We want to be safe and comfortable. And that’s what you promise. God help you and us. 092219


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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