Dear President Trump.  Isn’t it depressing when people defend you by saying you are clueless.  No, I’m not talking about your decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.  That would qualify… but we’ll talk about it later.  I’m referring to the comment by Britain’s Nigel Farage defending your retweeting fake videos by claiming you, the President, “doesn’t research everything” and “wouldn’t have a clue” who Britain First (the video distributors) were.  Let’s be clear.  These are your friends saying you don’t do your homework and are “clueless.”  With friends like that, you don’t need me trying and usually failing to love you.  You need a better relationship with God who loves you and forgives you.  You need a clue.  You need lots of clues.  I pray God increases your intelligence, your compassion, your commitment to help the most vulnerable in our country, especially the children.  Please, Mr. President, help the young, the sick, the poor and the oppressed, the alien and the stranger.  Yes, keep us safe… but you can do that and care for those in need.  I promise, it won’t make you and other Cows of Bashan any poorer.


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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