Homosexual Death Penalty

Dear President Trump.  I am confused.  It’s a natural state for me.  So, I pray God you can enlighten me.  News came out today that at the U.N. vote banning the death penalty for Homosexuality, we voted against it.  The headlines fairly screamed “U.S. Votes Against United Nations Ban on Death Penalty for Same-Sex Relations.” Later, a U.S. spokesperson said we did oppose the death penalty for homosexuality, but we were in favor of ‘lawful death penalty statutes.’  One source of my confusion is the lack of any promotion of an alternative resolution.  A second source is why, as a Christian, you are not seriously questioning the need for a death penalty in modern America.  If a criminal is my enemy and an enemy of the state, can we not in the name of Jesus find a better way to punish and reform, even love, our criminal enemies.  May God bless your continuing quest for liberty and justice for all.


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Retired pastor, lawyer, counselor & advisor.

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